A UNION serving CHURCHES in action. The French Baptist Union is a community of Baptist Churches in French-speaking Canada, contributing to the body of Christ through growth, multiplication, church planting and evangelism.

The French Baptist Union offers precious administrative support to its members, including social advantages for the pastoral workers, financial leverage for the purchase of Church property, support with accounting and juridical services and more.
The head office offers extensive administrative support to Churchplants, until they can incorporate themselves.

The head office coordinates the strategy and unity of the Union, offering support to its churches and their boards, providing ressources for its workers and annual spiritual retreats to unite and encourage the members of all its churches.

Beyond administrative support, the French Baptist Union offers two main training platforms for its members: the online training program Multi-C and the Church-planting learning platform La Craie.

In partnership with CBM, the Union encourages its members to take part in mission projects. Every year, several members of UEBFC Churches go to Haïti, Africa and other destinations to experience serving abroad.

The French Baptist Union also offers its churches meditation support when it goes through a crisis. All in the goal of providing the help they need to face challenges and come to a healthy resolution. At all times, the regional directors are available to meet and discuss their requests or preoccupations.

As a representative body, the UEBFC interacts on the public place with political, cultural and religious entities, in circumstances that vary according to projects and situations. The inauguration of the Place Feller in St-Blaise-sur-Richelieu, QC is a good example of how the head office was able to collaborate with local political and cultural entities to make better known our presence, heritage and history in our contemporary context.

A Word From our General Secretary

Rev. Dr. Raphaël Anzenberger

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