The French Baptist Union is a member of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, the Quebec Council of Christian Charities and the Réseau des Évangéliques du Québec (Network of Quebec Evangelicals) launched in 2015. Here is a list of our partners:
Canadian Baptist Ministries is a movement of churches who call themselves Canadian Baptists. We are the link between churches across Canada and around the world.
The Canadian Baptists of Western Canada are a community of Christ-following churches in Western Canada. Our three-fold purpose is to invite faith, act in mercy and cultivate leaders.
Close to Knowlton (1.6km) in a mountain-view location, Villa de Brôme has everything necessary to host a group of up to 100 peple for various lengths of stay year around. The French Baptist Union runs its Youth Committee summer camps there, as well as several of its retreats.

Un groupement de chrétiens évangéliques de toutes les couches de la société qui se sont donnés pour mission de faire rayonner et connaître autour d’eux la Parole de Dieu telle qu’on la trouve dans la Bible.

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (l’Alliance évangélique du Canada) is the national association of evangelical Christians in Canada. It gathers Evangelicals together for impact, influence and identity in ministry and public witness.
The Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec family of churches is a group of approximately 360 churches working together to build Christ’s kingdom.
A ministry partnership of nearly 500 Canadian Baptist churches in the Atlantic Provinces, its role being to resource its pastors, churches, and people, and to facilitate shared mission on behalf of its churches.

Un centre de formation de niveau universitaire, ouvert à l’ensemble de la communauté évangélique, oeuvrant en vue de l’édification du Corps du Christ.

A spiritual community of women deeply rooted in Christ and intimately connected to missions.

Le forum des évangélistes est une initiative qui a pour but de mettre en place une plateforme de réflexion, de formation et d’animation pour les évangélistes de l’espace francophone, en association avec les Instituts bibliques de formation, les Unions d’églises, les Missions et les Oeuvres d’évangélisation chrétiennes.

We also have two partners in France:
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